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Ellis Housing, LLC specializes in helping property owners that are dealing with non-functional properties that are severely outdated or have fallen into excessive disrepair. When a property falls into this category it’s not just a problem for the property owner, it’s a problem for the entire community. Often times owners of such properties are incapable securing the resources needed to bring a property back, that’s where Ellis comes in; we give property owners a way out.

We provide the capital and skilled labor required to restore your property so that its ready for a new occupant and ready to contribute positively to the overall condition of the neighborhood. You are released from the burdensome cost of maintenance required to comply with local building ordinances and we are able to use the equity that remains in the property to improve the community. It’s  a win-win! We give you cash, we do ALL the work. You will not deal with building inspectors, municipal red tape, appraisers, realtor commissions, mortgage approvals or cleanouts! You accept an AS-IS cash offer and WE DO ALL THE WORK! Inquire Today

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Success Rate

99% of the properties inquiries we receive result in cash offers.

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You can have a cash offer in 24 hours and settle in less than 30 days.

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Property Owners Have Options

Once an agreement is made, we are usually prepared to close with cash in as little as 7 to 10 days. We typically close transactions in under 30 days.

Real estate agents list properties with the intention of finding a qualified 3rd party buyer. A real estate agent places the property on the market attempting to show it to as many prospective buyers as possible and to sell the property. The agent earns a percentage of the sale price in commission, typically 3% to 6%. You may also be responsible for several other costs, such as repairs, cleaning, staging, buyer give backs etc.

We buy houses for cash, we don’t list houses. When you sell to us, you DON’T pay any commissions or fee. We don’t earn any commissions.

The term “as-is” means, we buy a house exactly the way it is – without any repairs. We may agree to buy your house regardless of the condition.. You will not need to address curb appeal, home staging, clean-out or repairs. We are prepared to buy your house in it’s current condition.

If the amount you owe is less than the amount of our cash offer, we are able to pay off your debt with the proceed of the sale. The funds remaining after the mortgage debt is paid are delivered to you and your debt is resolved.

Let’s Make It Happen

If you live in Chester or Delaware County you can have your house sold in days! No hidden fees or commissions. No repairs or concessions required. We will make a cash offer no matter the condition of your property.

“The team at Ellis Housing, LLC is waiting to hear from you. We will convert your property to cash in days. No red tape, no concessions, no hassle . We are experienced in quickly assessing your home’s value and returning a fair cash offer so you can put your cash to work.”

Ernie Ellis

Ellis Housing, LLC

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